About Audrey O’Hearn

Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour Paintings

Audrey O’Hearn Fine Art sells bold and original acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, along with watercolour paintings from time to time. Located in Bloomingdale, Ontario, Audrey’s home studio is filled with contemporary abstract, landscape and seascape paintings in a wide range of sizes, from multi-panels to single canvases. On top of the many paintings available for purchase in the gallery, artwork can also be commissioned.

Inspiration and Style

Audrey’s paintings are typically inspired by her experiences and the impact of world events and issues; her feelings and emotions are captured through her choice of medium, colours, shapes and textures, each part connecting to a common story or message. Her art has always been bold and intense but in recent years, the addition of vibrant colour has further expanded her style and portfolio.

About the Artist

Kitchener abstract artist Aubrey O'HearnAfter an important family decision to move to a small village outside of Kitchener-Waterloo in 2007, Audrey decided to focus more on her journey as an artist by setting up a studio and creating paintings for her new home. What started as a desire for artwork that reflected her family and their feelings about the move turned into an ever-growing passion for painting, and a dramatic, distinct style that has evolved over time.

Since a child, Audrey has been captivated by the way art can make you feel and the messages that are found within each brushstroke. A local high school teacher, Audrey spends most of her free time in her studio getting lost in the silence and mindfulness that comes only when doing something she loves – channeling events, experiences and thoughts into art.

Affiliations & Past Events

Audrey’s work has also been displayed at the Township of Woolwich Administrative Building.