Located in Bloomingdale, Ontario, Audrey O’Hearn Fine Art offers a wide collection of oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, and watercolour-based paintings when inspiration strikes.

Using everything from earthy and neutral tones to deep and vibrant colours, Audrey’s paintings appeal to people with different style preferences and needs. Whether selecting from the gallery or arranging a custom painting, the result is an interesting and quality piece of artwork that can complement or become the focal point of a room.

Looking through the gallery, you’ll find an extensive portfolio of abstracts, seascapes and landscapes that are known to be bold, intense and engaging. If you’re interested in visiting the studio to see the collection in-person, contact Audrey to arrange an appointment.


 “I am fortunate enough to own a few of Audrey’s paintings and over the years have viewed a number of her other works. Across the range of her paintings, each elicits a different emotional statement and style through the use of various textures and colour palettes.”


“We have several of Audrey’s paintings in our home and they really draw the eye; their use of colour and depth provoke all those who view them.”

– Josh Harvey

“We are very blessed to have Audrey’s artwork in our house! Each piece has its own story and some show such intense emotion. It is true; this is what feelings look like.”

– Tammy Stinson

“Being the son of a past president of the KW Art Society, I have spent my entire life learning what good art is. Everything that I have learned appears in Audrey’s artwork.”

– Steve Ofner

“We love our two matching pieces Hides by Audrey O’Hearn. They have been moved around the house a few times now as the neutral colours match the decor of many rooms in our home. These two abstract paintings have received many compliments. I am proud to tell our guests that this is my talented friend’s artwork.”

– Karolina Zukowski